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Belt Testing:
     Belt Test Times:
Belt Testing Location:

• June 4
• Sept 10
• Dec 3

Belt Testing 1st Floor
First Instructor Level ———
Master Instructor Level ———
Head Instructor Level ———
Master Kum Sung Headquarters
950 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, NJ 08753
White Belt
Emptyness or Purity
Yellow Belt
Seed or Commitment
Orange Belt
Beginning or Medal
Green Belt
Growth or Life
Blue Belt
Nourishment or Water
Navy Belt
Ocean or Achievement
Purple Belt
Power or Energy
Brown Belt
Mountain or Strength
Red Belt
Oxygen or Sunset
Pre-Black Belt
Earth or Complete
Black Belt
Universe or Ultimate
Black Belt Gold
Universe with Sun's Rays
Black Belt Blue
Universe with Sun's Energy
Black Belt Red
Sun in the Universe
Master Kum Sung
Belt System
     Application Forms (printable):
These application forms are printable. Just click on the link of the Belt that you are testing for and print it out. Fill out the information and bring your payment and form with you on the date of testing.
Yellow Belt Purple Belt
Orange Belt Brown Belt
Green Belt Red Belt
Blue Belt Pre-Black Belt
Navy Belt Black Belt

Rewards of Belt Testing
Belt Testing 2nd Floor
Black Belt White, Yellow and Orange stripe 8:00 am
Black Belt Purple, Brown and Red stripe 8:30 am
All 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree testing 9:00 am
1st,2nd,3rd Degree Presentations 9:30 am
Yellow 6 & Under 10:00 am
Orange 6 & Under 10:15 am
Green 6 & Under 10:30 am
Blue 6 & Under 10:45 am
Navy 7 & Under 11:00 am
Purple 7 & Under 11:15 am
Brown 7 & Under 11:30 am
Red 7 & Under 11:45 am
Black Belt Green, Blue and Navy stripe 8:00 am
All Pre-Black 8:30 am
All 2nd Stipes & Pre-2nd & 3rd 9:00 am


Yellow 7 & Up 10:00 am
Orange 7 & Up 10:15 am
Green 7 & Up 10:30 am
Blue 7 & Up 10:45 am
Navy 8 & Up 11:00 am
Purple 8 & Up 11:15 am
Brown 8 & Up 11:30 am
Red 8 & Up 11:45 am