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Kum Do is the ancient Korean art of sword play. It was developed over 3000 years ago and was then called Ke-Ak Bong which means ancient ceremonial religious dancing and Bong Hee. Kum Do developed in three stages and was 1st practiced with a wood stick, then a wooden sword and finally the blade. Historic Legend implies the Japanese borrowed the sword techniques and developed their art of Kendo.

The code of Kum Do is:
• Loyalty
• Courage
• Worthy
• Humble

To show Loyalty is to be Honest. To show Courage is to be in control of oneself, not to be afraid of life's challenges. To be Worthy is to make something of oneself and strive for success. To be Humble is to be polite to everyone and not be proud or boastful of one's accomplishments. Following these 4 Golden Rules will insure a happy, peaceful and productive way of life.

Sword Defense: As the sword is drawn to attack, Master Kum blocks with the foot on the handle of the sword and the wrist of the attacker. He kicks downward and attacks to the head, executing a quick twist to the head which incapacitates the attacker.
excerpt from "Tai Kwon Do" magazine
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excerpt from "Tai Kwon Do" magazine
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