KumSung Instructors

Grand Master KumSung and his Instructors will take you or your siblings to a new understanding of life and values. Classes are taught without pressure. The training involves moves that the Grand Master has developed from all facets of the Martial Arts. A positive feeling and new friendships await you. The Grand Master’s System helps all students feel like they has a sense of purpose in life. The Martial Arts training is not a military style of training. The Classes are fun and the Instructors are always mixing it up. We will help you learn at your own pace. You will come to see that all the students around you, will have the same respect for all students, regardless of their level. A sense of Family is created. Martial Arts teaches you to be coordinated and a positive person. KumSung Martial Arts can do so much for molding children into being respectful positive people. The agility that is derived from Martial Arts training can carry over to all sports and activities in life. Stop by or give us a call at 732-341-8800. We will be happy to serve you