– The Rusk Family – 01/19

We are the Rusk family. Kolby, 15, and Rylee 13 have been members of KumSung Karate TR for 4 years. What a transformation we have seen in both kids over this time. It has certainly been hard work and dedication for these two to earn and achieve their black belts( currently working toward their black-yellow belts). All along the way Kolby and Rylee have had amazing support, patience and understanding from the instructors, parents and fellow students; it truly makes us a family. Kolby was diagnosed withASD and had many quirks to prove it. The social learning environment that KumSung provides has helped so much that most of the time Kolby has little to no quirks in social settings or near anywhere now. Rylee was shy, self doubting and very thin. Karate has given her a reason and the drive to be strong, fit and now is an instructor in training. Both kids kick butt at the dojo and in life with many tournament trophies and awards to prove it. Their enthusiasm and love for the sport has been passed to their 2 year old brother Owyn, who has now begun the Little Ninja Classes.


– Sam – 12/18

Sam started KumSung when she was seven years old. We tried gymnastics, tumbling and dance, she did not enjoy the classes. When we first started at KumSung, Sam did not speak and barely made eye contact, now she has the self confidence to yell and she even does tournaments. The instructors are awesome with her and know when to push her to get the best out of her.


Sam was diagnosed with Scoliosis in in 2016 with a double reverse curve. Everytime we went to have her xray done the doctor would ask, “what are you doing, the Scoliosis is not getting any worse” and I firmly believe it is from all the core work and exercise she does in karate. Sam is now 15 competes in tournaments, helps with birthday parties and is on the Demo team! Thank you KumSung for helping us grow our daughter into a strong self confident person that she is today.

– Itzhaky – 12/18

To my dear karate friends
I would love to share a great happy story that happened to my son in school due to attending the Kim Sung Karate.
My son is 8 years old and is attending the karate for 4 months now, he was always the one the be shy and insecure. Last month 6 kids came up to my child and tried to hurt him and thanks to KumSung Karate, my son used the martial art technique he practiced and felt so happy that he managed to protect him self . The next day 3 others came up and he stood there and said I don’t want to hurt you step back .


I must say, I love KumSung Karate, they are great and my kids enjoy every moment they are practicing in KumSung karate.
Thank you very very much
Rachel Itzhaky


– Gabriella – 12/18

We signed our 10-year-old daughter up for KumSung Karate three years ago, and we have been amazed by all the positive changes we have seen in her. After only a few months, we saw a huge increase in her confidence and self esteem as well as in the academics. We truly believe the Kum Sung Karate has made her transition into a teenager a much smoother process. Under all the affection and concern shown by Grandmaster and his wonderful family and staff, Gabriella continues to thrive both physically and emotionally. KumSung Karate will always be part of our lives.


– Mia – 11/18

When Mia first started karate at KumSung she was shy which held her back from participating in many events. After a short time at KumSung Mia had a large new group of friends, started participating in demos and competitions, and gained self confidence along the way. Mia also has a disorder that affects her reflexes, her reflexes are improving with every doctor’s visit which he attributes to her hard work and training for karate. Thank you kum sung family. Mr and Mrs Manning


– Dylan – 12/18

After a military move sent our family across the country to Toms River, we saw karate as a good way for Dylan to gain some confidence in a new environment.   He has been with KumSung Martial Arts for 3 years now and has really found a passion in karate. All of the instructors are great with the kids and they make learning martial arts fun.  Dylan has learned a lot in the past three years and now has the confidence to perform in front of a crowd.  We are so happy that we chose KumSung Martial Arts.